Friday, April 20, 2012

The Buzzkill Playlist

That last blog is already getting a ton of hits and it gave me a great idea. Why not post all of my favorite horrible songs in one blog to make it easier for you,the reader to find them? With that said here's a helpful guide to the worst songs ever posted on here. Click on the links below to enjoy a playlist sure to kill any buzz you have on 4/20.

1.) CJ and Victoria "My Town" - If you've ever wondered what it's like to hear screamo music mixed with hip hop,wonder no more. In this song we get to see two teenagers scream over a cartoon background to the point of nearly splitting an ear drum.

2.) "Christian Side Hug" - I honestly don't know the name of the group in this video but they are awesome. In this rap song we get to hear a group of God fearing young men warn us of the dangers of improper hugging. An improper hug would be any hug that isn't a side hug. A default front hug can lead to genitals rubbing together which would make you a fornicator. Don't be a fornicator!

3.) B-Shoc "Jesus Lean" - Think "Lean Back" by Fat Joe but with worse rapping,a somehow worse dance despite being the same thing and a generically bad southern style beat. Also,there's a strong message of Christianity in this song somewhere.

4.) Ray Jr. featuring Erika Kayne "She Said(Don't cum in me)" - The title is pretty self explanatory but that barely scratches the surface as to why this song is amazing. In it we get to hear Ray Jr try to lyrically lay some pipe over a sexy beat with the incredible Erika Kayne belting out a chorus that sticks to you. As a bonus the song does have a message of pregnancy prevention. Also,the girl singing the hook actually tweeted at me right after I originally blogged about her song.

5.) "Move it like Bernie" - This song is actually my favorite among this entire list due to the fact that the guy actually can rap. The major problem with this is the incredibly ridiculous concept behind this song. If you haven't guessed by now the song is actually based off of the movie "Weekend at Bernies 2". In particular it's from this scene. This song actually took off and became a minor hit in the south,got parodied in other videos and even made the news here in Detroit.

6.) The Wolfe Pak "Wat kind of girl" - This song is by far the worst of the bunch and I've personally disliked this one for over a decade. How have I disliked this unknown song for a decade? Well it turns out either my mom or aunt was given the CD containing this song while out at a club years ago. Somehow the CD was never thrown away and since it was still around my brother decided to upload it on Youtube and it made it's way to this site. Between the disjointed beat,annoying "instruments" used on the beat,the mixing,mastering and volume problems and lyrical weakness,this is a song you're sure to hate. If the rest of this list hasn't blown your 4/20 buzz,this one will finish off whatever buzz you had.