Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ad of the Day

It's election season and as expected we're being bombarded with ads. Up until now most of the ads have been coming from the republican presidential candidates and outside superPACs but this one comes from the guy that everyone is going after,Barack H Obama himself. In his latest ad,which happens to be the biggest ad buy for anyone during this election season,the president tries to convince us as to why we should give him one more chance. The ad takes the time to mention that the wheels fell off of the economy in the summer/fall of 08 and that while he's been in office we've seen 2 years of steady job growth. While the ad does make it look like the president has grown us into a Utopian society,it does mention that times are still tough for way too many people and that scores him a few points with me for at least being honest about how things are in America. Click and enjoy the ad.