Thursday, May 3, 2012

Respect My Vote!

It's election season and we're already being bombarded with ads,television coverage,articles,internet memes and conspiracy theories despite the election being six months away. What we're missing however are the facts on the candidates,their positions and how it would effect us. On top of that there's another issue that often gets overlooked during elections. This issue is the fact that in a lot of places it's perfectly legal for people with felonies on their records to go out and vote. Of course in this country we have a habit of not letting anyone know that because if someone has a felony or any sort of record they're probably an awful person. Fortunately there are organizations out there dedicated to making sure that everyone that can vote,knows about it and actually goes out and votes.

One such organization happens to be the Hip Hop Caucus. The Hip Hop Caucus is a non partisan organization dedicated to helping people between the ages of 18-40 get active in elections and in the community at large. Some of those people that they do help become active in elections and communities at large are felons. Through their "Respect My Vote" program they've been extremely active in trying to get proper information out and get everyone that can vote,registered to vote. In an attempt to help get the word out they've decided to use Atlanta rapper 2chainz as a spokesman. Their reason for using him comes down to the fact that he's basically the type of person that they're aiming at. As a man who has made a few bad decisions in his life that resulted in a felony,he has found a way to turn his life around and do something that could potentially help people. To learn more about The Hip Hop Caucus,click this sentence.

Off topic but I hope that they have their national conference in Detroit.