Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sick of it

I think I'm almost at my breaking point when it comes to idiots in this country. It took about 25 years but I'm there now. I was never one of those people that believed that as soon as we got a black president that racism would magically end. In fact I always figured it would get worse and I've reached the conclusion that I was unfortunately right. The election and then presidential reign of Barack Obama has given a lot of people the courage to be more open about their racism and bigotry. What shocks me however is the creative and insane ways that people are showing their true colors. We're getting everything from an increase in racial and religious profiling in New York City to people coming up with more and more ways to try to justify why it's perfectly fine to shoot an unarmed black teenager in his own neighborhood. Of course occasionally black kids will get shot by the cops and it barely makes the local news.When we live in a country where people will find ways to justify why unarmed children should be shot down in the streets,we have serious problems.

Of course there are other instances of ridiculousness that have made me a little upset. Let's not forget the whole questioning of the president's religion in a country that's purposely secular. Why should anyone care about what religion the president practices when this country has made a big deal about the fact that we're free to believe whatever we want to believe spiritually? The answer to that is because this president happens to be different from the other ones. How else could you end up with conspiracies of him being a radical Muslim that pals around with terrorists and a follower of black liberation theology which happens to only be found inside of Christianity? Also,the fact that he could possibly be a Muslim(he isn't) is being used as some sort of a bad thing is an explosion of bigotry and racism. Why is equating the president being Muslim to him being a horrible person and possibly a terrorist an explosion of racist bigotry? Well,I'd ask anyone who happens to read this to close their eyes and see what image pops up first when they think of a Muslim. I bet that image wont be a guy that looks like Dirk Nowitzki. The image you're seeing is probably Osama Bin Laden or if you have a less Steve King-like view the image you're seeing is probably a random middle easterner or Dawud Walid. And then there's the never ending issue of where the president was born. People refuse to believe that this president was born in America despite his birth certificate being publicly available for years and even a newspaper article that tells of his birth in Hawaii the same week that he was born. Even today we still have people who believe that he was born in Kenya despite this overwhelming,50 year old evidence that makes them look like complete idiots. Even more shocking is that I know that most people don't know where John McCain,the man that Obama beat to become president was even born at. I don't even think they care. Oh and if you did want to know,John McCain was born in Panama. Between this bullshit,the new plan to make the president look like a black militant,the Trayvon Martin case and my own life,I've kinda had it with the dumber class of people in this country. I pray that one day we as a country can stop being so stupid and focus on the things that really matter such as making sure everyone in this country is healthy and educated. It probably wont happen for a long time but until then we can still pretend that all men are created equal while continuing to treat everyone unequally. Of course this whole thing was a waste of time because I'm sure someone is gonna tell me that it isn't really racist until the word nigger gets thrown around a few times.