Thursday, June 14, 2012

Midnight Distraction

Detroit is a town with a lot of things going on in it and obviously not all of them are good. Illegal dumping happens to be one of the things going on here and it's a huge problem. Not only does it make the city look bad but it's a health and safety hazard. A couple of years ago I nearly had to hit a guy with a baseball bat for trying to illegally dump his random trash near my house and then getting offended when I told him to grab his shit and leave. Needless to say cooler heads prevailed and I'm not currently in prison for assault with a deadly weapon.

Thanks to our illegal dumping problems you do on occasion get to see news stories about the ridiculous blight in the city. The video below happens to be one of those occasions where the news talks about how an illegal dumper is ruining an otherwise decent neighborhood. What makes this stand out isn't the fact that the guy left parts of several trees in the middle of a street that people have to drive through,it's his answers to the reporter's questions. Click on the video below to see an amazing mix of stupidity,shifting the blame and unabashed sexism from a man who claims that he's a martian from the suburbs.  Also,the martian tree dumper is currently in jail for indecent exposure thus capping off the best week of his life.