Saturday, June 9, 2012

Terry Jones is still an idiot.

Some of you may know pastor Terry Jones for being a man who preaches Christianity while doing the exact opposite of anything a good Christian would do. Some of you may know him for his fantastic facial hair combo. A few of you may even know him for being the guy to videotape himself burning a Quran and then wondering why some people would be offended by him burning their holy book and then insulting them. If you're in Michigan,you may know him for insulting everyone in Dearborn by saying that the town is filled with Muslim terrorists who hate America. If you're in Michigan you may also remember his visits here where he tried to burn a Quran outside of city hall in Dearborn,an event that got so heated that police had to step in to keep angry townspeople from beating the dog shit out of him on live television. You may also remember that time his gun went off in the FOX 2 parking lot. Well now we have something new to remember him by. He has decided to step his foot into the political arena and let the world know exactly where he stands on the issues of the day. He's doing this by hanging an effigy of president Obama. I'm pretty sure he wont see what's so offensive about hanging a black man as he's just exercising his free speech rights. Click on the photo below for more.