Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can't get away

On Monday I decided to pretty much take a day off from blogging about politics. I did this because in all seriousness I wanted to see the "Target freedom festival fireworks" like I do every year. Every time I go to the fireworks I end up having a good time. This time was no exception but a couple of things annoyed me but made me laugh.

First of all a tea party guy actually approached my cousin(seen staring in bewilderment at the sheet of paper with 5 obviously fake names on it) and I. He approached us to try to get the tea party on the ballot in Wayne County. I immediately laughed. My cousin looked it over,held in a joke and handed him the paper back.

About 20 minutes after that a group of communist wearing Fidel Castro t-shirts came through the area and handed out ridiculously large newsletters. This a picture of it and my thumb below.

Now as everyone that knows me clearly know......I don't mind politics or the news. In fact I love the news when I can get this close to it.

Ok in all seriousness though I went downtown to see some fireworks and dammit I'm gonna see them. I dont want to see the tea party or Democratic gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero and especially not the dumbest communists in the history of the planet. That damn newsletter was 4 really big sentences long and made no sense. I came to see fireworks and finally after hours of waiting for the sun to stop cockblocking the fun myself,a million Michiganders and hundreds of thousands of our Canadian neighbors got to see a show. Pictures of that can be seen below this sentence.

Oh and what I definitely didn't want to see was the guy that decided to streak through the festivities. How you gonna let 1 million people see ya balls?!


That was a very good post! Looks like you had fun.

LOL Only in Michigan~!!! It was an incredible fireworks display~!! Go Target~!! You shot some beautiful pictures =) Thank you for sharing!!
Anita @ModelSupplies

Thank you for looking and both of you probably know which one is my favorite pic