Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Observation

Recently a poll came out which stated that 1 in 5 Americans believe that the president is a Muslim. Of course in America being a Muslim shouldn't be a problem. Of course since this is America we have a few people that think that being a Muslim is a problem. Despite evidence to the contrary people continue to believe this weird rumor. It's like people forgot about the whole controversy caused by his Christian reverend Jeremiah Wright. Thats right we all forgot that the president was criticized for being connected to a "radical" Christian reverend. The whole controversy is so ridiculous that even Jeremiah Wright is speaking out on it. From what I can see it seems like the religious questions wouldn't have been so prevalent if someone like Mitt Romney were president. This country was founded on not being religious but everyday we see more and more people in power pushing religion on us. And it seems that there can only be one "true" religion in America and Islam isn't it. When people say that Obama is a Muslim they're really saying that he isn't like "real Americans". When you're not like a real American you've pretty much become the enemy. The president however isn't worried about the ridiculous rumors which means he's taking the high road. To read about that click on the picture of the president below.

The whole debate about the president's religion kinda reminds me of what was said in this awesome movie scene.