Sunday, August 1, 2010


So I was on facebook earlier today when one of my favorite friends on that site put me on to some insanity. And for putting me on to that insanity I thank her. What you're gonna see below is a video called "Barack the angry Negro" in which some wingnut goes on a rant about how Barack Hussein Obama is the enemy of America. Clearly with a title like "Barack the angry Negro" it has to involve some old white guy. Oh and this happened to be the featured video on Sarah Palin's fan site Team Sarah. Look at the picture below. Watch the video below that and feel free to share it.


WTF kind of nonsense is this???

The kind of nonsense that drives a shit load of traffic to my blog.

We have to keep nailing them on this kind of crap. King was right, Gandhi was right, the world will turn against this & their shame will convict them