Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Lyin' King

Anyone that knows anything about republican politics knows that republicans have been fiercely opposed to the president's healthcare law. In fact when it was originally passed no republican voted in favor of it and currently they're planning a vote to repeal the healthcare law. This of course is something that doesn't sit well with the president and he's made sure to have his people talk about how repealing the law would be an awful idea. One congressman who has been against the law since its beginnings and is pushing hard for a repeal is Steve King of Iowa. He's been one of the biggest opponents of the law and is in favor of members of congress getting rid of their own government subsidized healthcare plans. One person that agrees with him is freshman congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois. Representative Walsh has decided to save the taxpayers a few bucks and pay for his own plan out of his pocket. Steve King likes representative Walsh and his ability to stand on principle,of course if Steve King stood on his own principle we would be saving even more money. Look and listen below as Steve King is unable to stand on his own principles of being against government funded healthcare.