Friday, January 21, 2011

A dose of insanity

What you're staring at is a photo of Minnesota representative and reason for the name of this blog,Michele Bachmann. Michele Bachmann is known for somehow being in congress despite not being that smart. In another move to surely make her look like a genius she has decided to give a rebuttal speech to the upcoming state of the union. This seems a tad bit weird considering that republicans have already discussed and chosen Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as their official person to give a rebuttal to the president's speech. Click on the photo below to learn exactly how congresswoman Bachmann will share her speech with a wide reaching audience.


I'm not sure if this is incredibly stupid or incredibly sad.

what is it she said that is not true? Do you dispute the increase in debt, government spending, or stimulus has been in effective? If election results in November {redistricting} ;) are any indication of what the "foolish masses" agree with. Community Organizers need to work overtime to tap into the greed of those who expect a free ride at the expense of others. I'm a little nervous I must admit I think society is close morally bankrupt.Voting for those with the power to forcibly confiscate what others have earned. is still theft no matter how many approve.