Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moment of truth

Earlier today a couple of people from the website Think Progress caught up with Texas representative Ron Paul. During their discussion with him they asked him about why he wanted to repeal healthcare. They also asked why would he repeal the healthcare law aimed at helping average Americans while keeping his own government subsidized healthcare. His answer to that question offers a moment of truth and shows what a lot of politicians really think of regular people.


well he was honest.. lmao
camera man: "Do you think its hypocritical? ..
Paul: "it could be"
I don't think that public service employees should have open ended undefined benefits. But I Must admit it would have been nice to see him say "YES!" "I will turn down MY JOBS benefits because 10s of Millions can't have the same thing". We all know Oregon (measure 66 & 67) union voters would do the same thing in the interest of saving thousands of jobs.