Monday, April 25, 2011

Nigra Please

Everyone knows that I basically spend hours on end trolling the internet looking for ridiculousness thats somehow fit to post on this blog. What I came across earlier today thanks to a friend on Twitter may just take the cake. In the video below a tea party spokesman lets us know the mission statement behind the tea party and what they plan on doing to make America a better,freer and more socially conservative country. So far that just sounds like a basic republican talking point but as you'll see in the video it goes from small government solutions and social conservatism to ridiculous amounts of unsubstantiated racism. You're gonna enjoy this if you don't have a weak stomach. If you do have a weak stomach get ready to be sick.

The best comment on this video from youtube comes from a user by the name of SpitOnYerGravy who left this deep,meaningful,well thought out,hilarious and spot on comment.

Is this a Dave Chappelle skit?  This can't be real.

"We, the Tea Party, are tired of the niggers calling us racist."