Tuesday, April 5, 2011

100 facts

I haven't done one of these in a while and some Facebook friends asked me to do it. With that said here are 100 facts that you may or may not know about me.

1. Date of Birth: 11/30/1987
2. Height: 5'11"
3. Weight: a lot
4. I've completed 4 of my 23 goals as of this blog posting.
5. I've lost my last 2 jobs on a Tuesday.
6. I've almost been shot twice in my life with this incident being the most recent.

7. Despite me being very nervous around women,I get along with them a lot easier than I do with males.

8. I still find it amazing that any woman finds me sexually attractive.
9. I once met coach Chuck Daly for all of 4 seconds when he told me to get out of his way.
10. My favorite cartoon character as a kid was Daffy Duck.
11. I've been a fan of pro wrestling ever since I was a kind and once considered doing it for a living.

12. I quit drinking soda almost 2 years ago.
13. I never liked the taste of popcorn.
14. I find people like Bill Maher to be abrasive and slightly idiotic.
15. I find Sarah Palin physically attractive but I think she may actually be kinda slow.
16. My favorite food is lasagna.
17. My favorite number is 17.
18. My favorite fruit is peach.
19. If I had the money and the support I'd run for mayor and get my name out there through a media blitz.
20. Even though he didn't turn out to be the second coming of Jesus,I'm still a big Barack Obama supporter.
21. I think the tea party is full of shit.
22. I do plan on one day having some sort of political clout in the city of Detroit.
23. I have never liked the city council here in Detroit.
24. I wear a size 15 shoe.
25. When I was 12 I wanted to be rich by 25. I have a year and a half to reach that goal.
26. I'm a decent-ish blackjack player.
27. I have a knack for putting my foot in my mouth without saying a word.
28. If the team is from Detroit they have my support.
29. Despite my love for Detroit and all things Detroit I was born in California.
30. In a town that technically doesn't exist anymore.
31. Favorite wrestler as a kid: tie between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.
32. I didn't move to Detroit until 1989.
33. I'm 4 inches taller than my father and 2 inches taller than my mother.
34. I have one older brother and one younger sister.
35. Once made background music for a political website.
36. I officially own the domain thegangstergovernment.com.
37. I plan on owning it for another 5 years or so just to make sure that no one ruins the name.
38. Holly Robinson Peete was the first celebrity I ever had a crush on.
39. I still think she's great looking.
40. I've never been to college.
41. I want to change that someday.
42. After this summer I plan on never catching a bus in Detroit again.
43. I'm part Irish. Somewhere around 3% of me is Irish.
44. On Facebook I list my religious views as "God hates the lions.".
45. I think Dennis Miller may be one of the worst comedians I have ever seen.
46. Richard Pryor,Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are my favorite comedians.
47. Marvin Gaye is my favorite singer of all time.
48. Other favorites include Michael Jackson,James Brown and Barry White.
49. Tupac Shakur is my favorite rapper.
50. Other favorites include Big L,The Notorious B.I.G.,both members of UGK and Snoop Dogg.
51. Was once hit by a police car.
52. I can not do the splits.
53. I used to give blood frequently just because it was $30 for sitting down for an hour.
54. I'd do the same now if there were places to do that closer to my house.
55. I enjoy pretty much every type of music except for death metal.
56. If half of the people that followed me on twitter clicked on this site everyday I'd make hundreds more a month in ad revenue.
57. I only know small bits of Spanish but I'm trying to learn more everyday.
58. I hate the taste of cabbage.
59. I love liquor,hate beer.
60. Before I die I want to visit every MLB ballpark.
61. I want to do the same thing with NFL stadiums.
62. I've only been to the hospital twice in my life.
63. This is what happened the last time I went.
64. I'm an insomniac.
65. If my life goes right I'll have several million dollars saved by the time I'm 50.
66. I seriously have a hard time going to sleep before 3am.
67. I've been to Canada several dozen times but I've never been to Wisconsin.
68. I also have no interest in going there.
69. Atheists annoy me almost as much as religious zealots.
70. I have no respect for Glenn Beck,at all.
71. In general I dislike political pundits.
72. I don't see why Rhianna is famous for "singing".
73. I could say that about a lot of singers.
74. I will never figure out how or why Jesse Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota.
75. If you're a 9/11 truther,you're a retard.
76. If you don't believe that the president was born in America,you're a retard.
77. I pretty much think conspiracy theories are stupid.
78. I can't watch cable news without laughing.
79. I actually think that local news is better.
80. My favorite local news people? Mara MacDonald and Alicia Smith.
81. I've been on the news once in my life.
82. I once lost a job due to the Detroit Lions being a horrible football team.
83. I can't back down from a bet no matter how crazy it is.
84. I think I'd make an ok police officer.
85. On occasion I suffer from extreme writers block.
86. The number 86 is my least favorite number.
87. I get annoyed at fans of Apple products.
88. I still have a myspace page.
89. I actually still have 3 of them.
90. I have never driven out of state.
91. I would have gone to the Charlie Sheen show just to see him overdose on stage.
92. I'm totally serious about that last statement.
93. Before I tore my ankle up and gained weight I could dunk with relative ease.
94. I miss being able to dunk on people.
95. Favorite movies of all time: Scarface,Blazing Saddles and Anchorman.
96. Least favorite movies: Gigli,House Party 4.
97. Favorite tv shows: anything involving Detroit sports.
98. Least favorite tv shows: Grey's Anatomy
99. I find it a little weird that when I do get hit on it's usually by older women.
100. Its weird and awesome at the same time.


We actually have a HELL of a lot in common. ~Snowblood