Monday, February 6, 2012

Ad of the day

In this ad of the day we get republican candidate Pete Hoekstra going after democratic incumbent Debbie Stabenow,who he has nicknamed Debbie "Spend it now". In the ad an Asian woman talks in a clearly fake and borderline racist characterization of an Asian accent. Through this ad filled with broken English we get to hear about how Debbie "Spend it Now" helped run up the debt in America. Of course this ad isn't sitting well with the Asian community here in Michigan and they're pretty upset at the stereotypes in it. To see the ad that's causing controversy in my little town,click on the video below.

Here's a bit of an update. Outside of the vaguely racist looking site that Pete Hoekstra is running,the HTML code in it is kinda racist. Or at least it was before it was changed after Gawker pointed it out.

One more update: The actress in this commercial doesn't even like this commercial.


You know, I am not a big fan of the man and think his campaign stinks. But the "Yellowgirl" part... she's wearing a yellow shirt. I know it's unfortunate and stupid but I don't think it's racism or just garden variety Republicanism, more like "socially awkward web designer"-ism.