Thursday, February 16, 2012

If you missed it

With all of the insanity surrounding contraception these days coming from the GOP and Catholic bishops and the ridiculousness about Occupy Wall Street coming from cable news you may have missed what's going on in Virginia. With that first sentence out of the way,you may be wondering what I'm talking about. Well,what I'm talking about is a new law in Virginia that requires women who are seeking an abortion to submit to an invasive and medically unnecessary vaginal probe. The governor of Virginia,Bob McDonnell is a front runner to be a republican vice presidential pick and something like this wont really win him a lot of favor with women. With that said he's completely in favor of this law. Also,they're required to do this vaginal ultrasound without the woman's consent. Also,there's a ridiculous law in Oklahoma that needs a little more attention. Below is a video of someone much smarter than I talking about why this completely sucks for not only the women in Virginia but for America in general.

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middle aged and old white men will recive thir due as women and minoriies take leadership. Then we will have white men have a anal probe every time they want sex as a law.