Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Song of the day

In something that I'm sure most political blogs missed today,Mitt Romney just narrowly avoided a lawsuit. The almost lawsuit stems from Mitt using a song without permission,which is eerily similar to the almost legal trouble that Newt Gingrich got into the other day over "eye of the tiger". In this latest edition of musicians not liking the GOP,Somali born,Canadian raised rapper K'naan threatened to sue Mitt Romney to stop him from playing the American version of "Wavin' Flag". The Song was released in 2010 and was used by Coca Cola as a theme song for the 2010 World Cup with remixed versions of the song being made for several of the countries in the competition. To avoid getting sued by K'Naan,the Romney campaign has agreed to stop using his song. A song that K'Naan has said he would gladly let President Obama use during his reelection campaign if he wants to. If you want to hear where Romney used the song,skip to the end of his Florida victory speech. If you just want to listen to the extremely upbeat song without the political muckraking,click on the video for the song below.