Thursday, November 19, 2009

Only the good parts

I'm reposting the best part of one of my previous posts

My personal experiences with the medical system

A few months ago I was attacked coming home from work because some dumbass teenager thought it would be a good idea to sneak up on me and hit me with a brick in the back of the head. luckily i heard him sneaking but before i could turn completely around to see what the hell was going on I was hit in the right side of my face with a brick. Miraculously I wasnt knocked unconcious by that even though it did knock me into a fence and the ground breaking my mp3,giving me a slight concussion,breaking my orbital bone and actually knocking my eye slightly back into my skull. below is a picture of me before and after the attack(I look like the before pic now)

a week after being hit in the face,going to the hospital,the eye doctor and receiving several thousands of dollars worth of treatment that i still cant afford.

now being hit in the face with a brick is frustrating as hell and its attempted murder but what pissed me off more was the experience after i went to the hospital. the first thing i was asked in the ER was how was i gonna pay for it. not "what happened?" or "do you know who did this to you?". After several trips back and forth between the ER and the Kresge eye institute I learned that I would need an extremely costly surgery to put my eye back in the right spot(when they measured it,it was about 6mm back from where the other eye was). They could've done the surgery the next day but because of my lack of insurance and not being eligible for medicaid they couldnt do it. so now its a few months later,the swelling has gone down,my vision has improved and my eyes look long as you dont reall stare closely at them. oh and it still bothers me from time to time and i dont have as much peripheral vision as before. So sure its great that i didnt get any brain damage or die but i basically spent a ton of time in the ER for them to send me to the eye doctors who did a great job getting my eye back to a decent level but couldnt do a much needed surgery due to a lack of insurance by me and it only cost me a little over $11,000 and stories like that are happening everyday and with way worse results than just shoddy vision and headaches. If you really think that this is a good system to keep you're either an insurance executive,stupid or have no soul...........which one are you?

oh and to add an update to this I got another bill today for $260 in extra medical bills


still behind you and still behind the public option! Keep getting the word out!