Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In todays edition our hero takes a little time to listen to a campaign rally speech by president Barack Obama. During this speech the president says that America is similar to a car thats been driven off of a cliff and now that the car is up and running again,the people(republicans) that drove the car off of the cliff suddenly want the keys back. Of course the president feels that not only can't they have the keys but they have go sit in the back seat and shut up. Of course Glenn sees this as a back of the bus analogy and he thinks that this might be a tad bit racist and inciting violence. Listen below as Glenn breaks down what the president is really saying in his speech.

And as expected my future ex-wife Michele Bachmann agrees with Glenn on this statement.


So if Michelle is your future ex-wife, do I get to be your future extramarital affair?