Friday, October 29, 2010

Just killing time here

Kinda killing some time here and posting something to make up for a day of not posting on here. Part of my day of not posting on here was spent at the nearest store because like everyone I tend to get a little hungry at times and I need something to eat. Of course I've never ran into something this hilarious while at a grocery store.


OMG~!! The "Price Squeeze" under the um...well, that was just too much~!!! This is at a real store?! A local store?! lol hahahhaha~!

OH my GOD!

Horlicks?! Like, the malt tabs?!!

We used to get those all the time when I was a kid, and now they are nowhere to be found. Seriously. I even ordered five packs from China or Japan or somewhere a couple of years ago for about thirty bucks.

WHERE the heck did you take this picture? I've gotta know!

I didnt take it. I was just lucky enough to find this photo.