Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Limbaugh lunacy

Yesterday before the debate between senate candidates Rand Paul and Jack Conway a skirmish took place outside of the building during Rand Paul's arrival. The skirmish started when an activist from MoveOn.org tried to present Rand with a fake award. The crowd of Rand Paul supporters didn't take too kindly to that and it quickly broke down into the crowd of mostly men pushing the woman around and with one man even taking the time to stomp on her head,neck and shoulder in front of the crowd and cameras. Today El Rushilini decided to weigh in on what happened. Being the reasonable man that he is we would expect Rush to condemn what happened and move on to his daily schedule of bashing president Obama. Instead we get treated to Rush breaking down the video piece by piece and discrediting the woman and MoveOn.org. Oh and we get a reference to forced anal sex which will just make your day sexier for hearing it.

The video

Rush weighs in on what happened.