Sunday, December 4, 2011


Today is football Sunday and fans all around the country are excited for another week of professional football. Well,you're excited if your team doesn't play in the cities of Indianapolis or Minneapolis. Everyone else is pretty excited though. Some of the most excited fans(outside of Lions fans like me) are Denver Broncos fans who have been led by their young quarterback Tim Tebow to 4 straight wins. Tim Tebow is exciting the league by being a quarterback who can run but seriously can't throw. Oh and he's also exciting the league with his displays of prayer which has now become known as Tebowing. Of course Tim Tebow has faced a little bit of criticism for his wacky throwing mechanics and lack of accuracy but that doesn't stop fox news from getting to the real core of that criticism. Of course the real source is liberals who hate anyone Christian and they really hate it when a sports figure shows that he loves God and not that Muslim God but real God. Click on the video below and watch as Fox shows us why the liberal media is anti-Tebow.