Friday, December 16, 2011


In America,in 2011 you can have a pretty reasonable expectation to not be discriminated against when you're doing something like applying for a job,trying to buy a house or trying to get into a school. In fact people have been fighting for years to make sure that there is some level of equality when it comes to that. In the state of Michigan that may change very soon. If one local legislator has his way a ton of local ordinances would be completely wiped off of the map. At the state level,Michigan has laws that protect people from being discriminated against based on race,gender,religion,national origin,age,height,genetic information and marital status. The state however does not protect you from that discrimination based on sexual orientation. In a lot of different towns in this state there are protections for LGBT people. These towns include Detroit,Ferndale,Ann Arbor,Saugatuck,Grand Rapids and Saginaw. If house bill 5039 goes through those particular protections will no longer be available. To read the bill click here. To see a video that goes more in depth about the bill click this entire sentence.