Thursday, December 22, 2011

If you missed it

If you missed it last night,Rachel Maddow was in a tiny bit of a snarkastic mood. She took a tiny bit of time out of her show which is usually filled with political insanity to talk about Christmas cards. In particular she was talking about Fox's outrage over the Christmas card sent out by our secret Muslim of a president who also happens to be a black nationalist who goes to a church run by a man who hates America. That's right,they're upset at president Obama over a Christmas card. The card somehow doesn't depict "faith,family and freedom" according to the lovely Sarah Palin and of course world renowned lesbian,Rachel Maddow had to take offense to that because she hates real Americans. Despite how dumb this is,it's only the second stupidest thing you're going to read or see this week. Click on the video below to see some liberal get upset at real Americans who just want the white house to act more like a white house.

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