Thursday, December 1, 2011

Video of the Day

If you haven't been paying attention,today is World AIDS Day. People all around the world have been doing everything they can to raise awareness about,treat and help prevent this deadly disease. Fighting the spread of AIDS has been the one thing that this government has been able to agree on. In the video below you'll get to see "The Beginning of the End of AIDS". In the clip you'll see stirring videos about how AIDS is devastating the planet. You'll also see speeches by President Kikwete of Tanzania,former president's George W Bush and Bill Clinton and a speech by current president Barack Obama,in which he lays out his plan to continue the fight against AIDS and reach the goal of an AIDS free generation. Click on the video below for all of that and appearances by Bono,Elton John and Alicia Keys.

Fair warning: This is a very long video.


Thanks for watching and please share this with everyone you know.