Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just killing time here

Today happens to be one of the better days of the year as far as dates go. You may be wondering "Why would he think that?". I'll tell you why in the next sentence. Today happens to be the shared birthday of two of my favorite people. These people are Muhammad Ali and first lady Michelle Obama who are 70 and 48 respectively. I honestly look up to both of them. The first lady has been spending her time getting flack for even coming out and trying to tackle the problem of childhood obesity. Of course she does have the support of the medical community which helpfully points out the myriad of problems associated with excessive extra weight. Muhammad Ali is one of the greatest boxers of all time and no one can argue that. Outside of the ring he was known for his outspokenness which oftentimes angered some of the more conservative people in America. Oh and he once saved a guy from falling to his immediate death on live TV. In this video from 1981,we get to see the boxing legend save a man from killing himself. Click on,look at and be riveted by this old school CBS News report about how Ali prevented a suicide.