Monday, January 23, 2012


I haven't been on or around a computer much today. In fact I didn't even check my email until almost 5pm and the only things in there were a few emails from friends,junk mail and an email from Chrysler telling me that that they weren't hiring me. Of course the point is, maybe I should have hopped online earlier than I did. I say this because when I did hop on here I happened to see that the world is still going completely insane. In today's latest bit of insanity we are trying to whitewash history. By whitewash I mean we're changing what's in textbooks again to feed into some sort of stupid political agenda that says that certain people weren't as mean to certain other people during the formative years of this country. First it was the Texas board of education changing the word slavery to "Atlantic triangular trade" thus insulting black people even more by reducing them from being compared to cattle to being compared with tea and spices. Now a group of tea partiers in Tennessee want to get rid of teaching about slavery in general in schools. This group of founding father enthusiasts want to make sure that we as a nation know exactly how great guys like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were and not mention the fact that we were less than kind to Native Americans and totally blank on that whole Jefferson having and sleeping with slaves thing. To read the entire list of batshit demands from that group,click on this entire sentence.