Thursday, January 26, 2012

Midnight Distraction

Everyone that knows me,knows that I may have a pretty unnatural obsession with the news. Come to think of it I think about 60% of the news anchors and reporters in Detroit happen to follow me on twitter. There's even that one time I almost got one of my blogs turned into a news story. Of course there are things about the news that I love are bloopers. Whether it's the woman doing the traffic somehow totally forgetting how to pronounce the street she's reporting about. A horrendous slip of the tongue by an anchor or even a screw up by the graphics department. Of course from time to time there are those moments where a reporter has a total breakdown. Everyone get's angry but when a reporter does it,it's usually on camera and hilarious. I've seen this in person once in my life and I almost cried laughing from it. The video below is another one of those ridiculous moments. Click and enjoy.

Angry News Reporter Just Wants to Know What the !#%^ Deal Is - Watch More Funny Videos