Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A taxing issue

Taxes has been on everyone's mind recently. It could be the fact that so many of us somehow feel overtaxed while rich jerks keep getting tax cuts. It could be because it's tax return season. Or it even could be the fact that Mitt Romney's taxes have been a hot political issue during the last couple of weeks. In fact Newt Gingrich has kinda been making it his mission to get Mitt to do more than just sign autographs and actually release some tax forms. Now that those forms have been released we now know that Mitt paid about 1/3rd of what Newt paid in taxes and about half of what the president paid in taxes. Mitt's low tax rate and the fact that he actually wants it lowered makes him kinda the polar opposite of guys like Jay Z. On top of finding out that he has a lower tax rate than most Americans(this includes you),there are a few other interesting money issues floating around Mitt. Issues such as the fact that he had a Swiss bank account all the way up until the point he started to run for president. To read more about that,click on the classic picture of not George Romney.