Monday, January 16, 2012

Random Observation

I was in the middle of emailing earlier and talking about the GOP debate and I had a few observations about the current republican party. What you're going to read below is an email that I sent. Somewhere in there is a coherent thought. I hope you enjoy it.

Just look at their numbers with everybody that isn't an aging white male. They're low all around. On a consistent basis they insult black people and then wonder why only 7 or 8 of us out of the more than 30 million in this country vote for them. They make sure to blame the social problems in this country on gay people and then make new laws to piss them off and then are shocked when they're pissed off. Their whole platform on women is that all of you are immoral whores and because of that they try their hardest to take away reproductive rights. It's to the point now that in some places having a miscarriage is the same as an abortion and both can get you in trouble with the law. Somehow it surprises them that this makes women uneasy. Their immigration policy is basically "let's kick out the Mexicans" and you end up with ass backwards and racist laws. They've made it a point to insult the hell out of anything that even seems Latin and are now shocked that Latinos don't like the idea of being kicked out of the country,fenced in once kicked out and then mocked and insulted on top of it.

To try to fight back against all of this they'll just get a token candidate. This is how you end up with guys like Michael Steele as the RNC chair,Herman Cain surging in the polls,Marco Rubio being thrown out there as a VP candidate. This is how you end up with Bachmann thinking she has a shot at being president or Sarah Palin as a VP candidate. Shockingly people see right through this because even though you throw a black candidate out there,black people wont necessarily vote for them. This is true with everyone and when you throw that token candidate out there you've officially called the populous a bunch of idiots. I'm ranting here but feel free to find a coherent thought in that.