Monday, January 30, 2012

Something you may have missed

So much time has been given to the top tier candidates this season that sometimes we forget that lesser known people are running. I mean,how much time can we really give to Rick Santorum,Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich? What about guys like Randall Terry? You may be wondering who he is and because of that you're about to find out. Randall Terry is an anti-abortion activist who is running a somewhat successful campaign to become president. By somewhat successful I mean that this almost unknown site may end up accounting for most of the media attention he's going to get. Currently he's involved in a legal battle with the NBC affiliate in Chicago who has refused to run his super bowl ad which graphically shows the aftermath of an abortion. By law they have to run his ad because he's running for office and already paid for the airtime. They're refusal comes from the fact that they don't really believe that he's a candidate considering that he only listed himself as a write in Democratic candidate just so he can run his ads during the super bowl. If you're in major markets in Nebraska,Wisconsin,Iowa,Oklahoma,Missouri and Colorado you're going to be seeing one of the ads below before or during the game on Sunday. Randall Terry:ruining America's favorite day with stupidity.

WARNING: The video below is extremely graphic. Also,you should realize that for a few million of us in this country we'll be seeing this in between ads for the new F-150 and Budweiser. Regardless of how you feel about abortion,showing images of aborted fetuses in the middle of the day is never a good idea.