Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ad of the day

Running for office is tough business. It doesn't matter if you're running for president of the United States of America or running for student vice president at the University of Calgary,it's going to be tough. Some politicians have an innate ability to connect with people and get their message across. It's how President Obama was able to gain momentum in 2008 and it's how Ron Paul is surviving during this attempt at running for president. If you're not Ron Paul and you don't have the ability to easily connect with college aged white men,what do you do? Well,if you're Hayley Wade you connect with the voter in the most intimate of settings to let them know that you're going to be looking out for them. Click on her totally real and not at all photoshopped ad below to see how she did in her attempt to be student vice president at the University of Calgary.