Saturday, March 10, 2012

Random act of failure

I'm gonna have to come out and admit that I'm a news fanatic. I kinda have to be one to write on both this site and another totally unrelated hip hop site. I wake up in the morning and watch the news. During the evenings I'm watching the news and sending borderline inappropriate tweets to local reporter Mara MacDonald,who only reports on happy stories. And even while I'm doing that I'm following other reporters online. I admire news reporters. I admire people like Melissa Moon who are able to take the most boring thing and turn it into a news story that hundreds of thousands of people are willing to learn about. With that said,turning meh in amazing isn't the only tough thing about doing the news. There's also the occasional physical danger. Those physical dangers can range from finding out on live TV that you're allergic to bees to occasionally smashing into light pole while trying to interview someone. Below is one of those two things that I just listed. Click,watch,share and enjoy.