Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If you missed it

If you've been anywhere near a TV or computer or radio or people during the last few weeks,you already know about the Trayvon Martin tragedy. The Florida teen was shot dead after being followed by self appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, who deemed him suspicious after seeing him walking towards his father's house in a gated community. Since the shooting there has been tons of justifiable public outrage over the fact that the shooter has yet to be arrested despite admitting to shooting the child after following him for several blocks. To the reasonable mind,this sounds like a case of a vigilante who let his biases and suspicions get out of line to the point that he murdered a kid who was simply walking home in the rain with some candy and a soft drink. Of course to George Zimmerman's lawyer this sounds like the kid who was several inches shorter and almost 100lbs lighter attacked Zimmerman in a vicious attempt to murder the armed vigilante. Watch below as Zimmerman's lawyer completely dodges an interview with MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell due to the fact that he didn't like the line of questions that were about to be asked.

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If you made it through that,here's a video of Detroit police chief speaking at a rally here held to honor Trayvon Martin and call for an end to gun violence in the city. Click to see why I actually follow him on twitter.


I'm really torn about the DPD these days, because I'm still angry over the carelessness that got that 7 year old kid shot. But more recently I have seen the DPD standing up for injustice, through their support of Occupy Detroit and now Trayvon Martin. It's enough to make me take a second look at the DPD and at least hold out hope that maybe the death of that little girl was a turning point, and the police are back on our side.

I'm always a little bit torn about the DPD due to some pretty awful experiences growing up mixed in with the fact that some of them actually are family members. When I look at the department I see people who want to do the right thing but sometimes go about it in the worst ways possible and it leads to tragic situations such as Aiyana Jones getting killed by a careless and trigger happy officer. They would be helped out immensely if they had more money,more officers and better equipment but that wont happen any time soon.