Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Limbaugh lunacy

In the ensuing firestorm of lost advertisers and public backlash from his insane week worth of comments about Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke,Rush Limbaugh has been on a campaign to clear his good name. He has done this by apologizing and clarifying his words. He has also taken a bit of time to say that those advertisers suck for leaving his show. Right after getting that off of his chest,El Rushilini moved on to the issues that really matter...How much of an ugly whore Dennis Kucinich's wife is. Of course this pattern of sexism and ridiculousness is not his fault even though it's from his own mouth. He knows who the real culprits are for his sexism and it's not him. It's guys like Too $hort,Snoop Dogg,UGK,Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell and P.Diddy that are truly to blame for Rush,a man in his 60's spouting off an entire week worth of personal attacks on a random woman. On his Monday show(which I missed because I have a life) Rush went on the offensive of what he sees as a double standard. He said and I quote "Talk about a double standard,”“Rappers can say anything they want about women. It’s called art. And they win awards.”. As expected,a few rappers had a few things to say about him suddenly using them as a scapegoat just because he got called out for being an idiot. Click on the picture of one half of UGK,Bun B below.