Monday, March 12, 2012

March Madness!

It's the middle of March and if you live in America,this can mean only one thing....The NCAA tournament is about to control the news cycle! It's already getting tons of coverage on everything from local news to CNN to ESPN. The basketball fever is so crazy that even my site got a ton of extra hits just for mentioning basketball 2 years ago. As with every March Madness,people everywhere are making brackets and placing their allegiances with teams that they think might go on to win it all. One of the most famous bracketologists in America happens to also be the president of these United States. This year President Obama is making a bracket and inviting people to challenge his skills in picking winners. Everyone that does better than him will get their name plastered on the front of his campaign website. If you're ready to be internet famous for knowing more about college basketball than the commander in chief,click on the picture of the 4th best player on NBA Jam.


he's my favorite NBA Jam character