Thursday, February 18, 2010

trying something new

For many Christians specifically the Catholic ones this period of the year is known as Lent which is the 40 days leading up to Easter. During those 40 days people typically give up certain foods,festivities and even material goods(internet,cellphones,tv etc) and perform other acts of penance. Now I'm not a Catholic but the idea of Lent seems like a great excuse for me to accomplish a goal and test myself.I decided to do this because since Christmas I had lost over 20 pounds but in the last couple of weeks i plateaued and then started to gain the weight back and thats never good. With that said since fat Tuesday I've given up junk food and so far its been a success but 2 days is just the beginning. While I havent lost any weight yet I expect that doing this might make me lose a few pounds just because i'm not putting in as much fat and junk. One very good and unexpected side effect is that its already saving me money. I've already saved $4 in the 2 days since i started this test and if it keeps going at this rate i might have a decent amount of cash saved. Its also teaching me that i spend way too much money on BS. I should clarify that by junk food I'm talking about chips,those little cakes they sell at the store,soda,most of the "juice" thats being sold in corner stores,candy,candy bars and pretty much everything sold at the corner store to be serious with you. I'll be updating everyone on how i'm doing,if i've fallen off and how much money i have actually saved

Christmas weight: 283
End of January weight: 260
Current weight: 266<-----I plan on dropping some of those in summary...... no more of this(for a while anyway)

and hopefully it leads to this

thats right a random white woman counting my pile of money


lol at "a random white woman counting my money". Well, THIS not-so-random white woman is wishing you the'll feel sooo amazing doing this, I think. Not just physically, but, dare I risk sounding trite..?.. and say *spiritually*! If you are what you eat, you certainly don't want to be JUNK!
Cheers n huugggs

I think it's wonderful what you are trying to do. For those of us who crave carbs and sweets, it's not an easy task, but definately doable. Last night I was reading a menu in a restaraunt and nearly ordered a bacon cheese burger and fries, but I had a fruit and veggie plate with grilled chicken breast. I still want the cheeseburger but I do feel better. Hang in there T. You'll do great!