Friday, April 16, 2010

How much is 1 million?

Seriously we have to ask ourselves that. I say this because last night Fox news talk show host Sean Hannity raised a great issue while talking about taxes. During his discussion he mentioned that a million dollars doesn't really go that far. You can watch that video below and then after that I'm gonna point out some things you are able to do if you have 1 million dollars.

Now its time to see what you can get with 1 million bucks. have some money and now you want a fleet of cars. why not get 16 Cadillac CTS coupes with your million bucks?

Ok so buying 16 cars at once isn't your thing. You just want somewhere to live and preferably by the river. Why not move into this 5000 square foot,4 bedroom,4 bathroom house while still being able to afford 8 of those above mentioned Cadillacs

With 1 million dollars you can get 35 brand new Toyota Prius'

With 1 million dollars you can buy 4 tour buses...if they're used tour buses but its still a tour bus so who cares.

With 1 million dollars you can buy this auto repair shop on the west side of Detroit and this car wash on the east side of Detroit and still have hundreds of thousands of dollars left.

Also with 1 million dollars you can buy 2500 Xbox 360's. Not the regular one but the new Splinter Cell conviction special edition bundle.

You can buy 2000 Apple Ipads with 1 million dollars

You can get close to 1000 PC's with that type of money.

As of April 16th 2010 you can get over 1800 shares of Google with 1 million dollars.

In all seriousness you can buy some of everything I just mentioned and still have money left over with 1 million dollars but according to Sean Hannity a million bucks goes nowhere.