Monday, April 26, 2010

Random rant

Am I the only one that gets pissed off when I go to watch a youtube video on something completely random like a Van Halen song and when I go to read the comments it always ends up being a string of racist comments. That seriously bugs me. Why can't we just enjoy the internet without having to be so ignorant,evil,arrogant and racist towards each other? I've always wondered that and I think I may have an answer to that. In fact I know I have the answer to that and it can be summed up in one word.....anonymity. Online everyone is anonymous and it makes it easy for some of us to build a persona thats completely different from what the outside world sees. Online even the shyest nerd can be a suave and smooth ladies man that gets laid 24 times a day by 25 different women. While the internet is a great place for nerds who want to be one of the cool kids its also a great place for nerds with pent up frustration and hate and sometimes that manifests itself in the form of racism,anti-Semitic behavior,homophobia and xenophobia.Something I've noticed about internet tough guys or e-thugs is that all of them seem to love MMA and they happen to be masters at it. It makes me wonder if I'm the only guy in America to have never been inside of a UFC cage fighting it out with the best the sport has to offer. Of course if those nerds weren't so cowardly in real life they wouldn't have to be so badass on the internet. When its all said and done the champion MMA fighter who happens to hate blacks,Jews,Mexicans,women who arent currently showing their boobs and the gays is 99 percent likely to be this guy.........


For crying out loud! is that a real magazine?

its not a real magazine