Friday, April 30, 2010

Kinda didn't see this coming

As everyone who lives in and out of this country knows by now,Arizona recently passed a tough new law on illegal immigration. People have been up in arms,screaming,yelling and debating the law ever since. Supporters of the law say it will help rid the country of "illegals" and people opposed to the law are saying that its a very slippery slope to blatant racial profiling. Now that the basic ideas are laid out,what does multi-platinum singer Shakira think of it? Well you can click on the picture of her to find out about that and her visit to Phoenix to discuss the new law. After that check out the video below to find out what Brian Kilmeade of fox news thinks of her thinking that.


This comment was posted on another story but I thought it made a ton of sense for this one

wow, those faux news anchors are just so clever aren't they? those smug white men who will never be stopped on the street & asked for their papers.

wonder if their great-grandparents felt the same way as they entered this country through Ellis Island?