Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this edition of Glenn Beck craziness our hero talks about the protests that happened at the G20 conference in Toronto. So far none of that seems crazy. In fact it seems almost rational but here's where it gets insane. While talking about the protests he notes that a couple of them(out of the thousands of protesters protesting dozens of different things) were carrying a sign with a picture of Chairman Mao on it. From this he is able to connect a Christmas ornament on the Christmas tree that was in the white house last year to it. Finishing his string of connections he's able to connect those few protesters that sympathize with chairman Mao to the tree ornament to Barack Obama(who didnt decorate the tree or know of the ornament) to people in Greece protesting while wearing red. It's all a communist plot to kill America with socialism!! Watch Glenn spread the true word of God below.