Monday, June 14, 2010

Video of the day

I often post about politics on this blog(because this is a political blog) and I mainly do it because I find the political process to be insane. Of course I find it insane because there always seems to be some insane person running for office in this country. This blog got its name thanks to an insane congresswoman and her pretty damn awesome catchphrase. What you're going to see below however is a guy that the people of Alabama shouldn't vote for due to his severe lack of understanding on anything he's talking about in both of the videos below. Watch as Rick Barber makes himself look slightly crazier than Michelle Bachmann and believe me people that is hard to do.

According to Rick Barber expanding a mosque in Manhattan is the same as Al Qaeda(the people that actually attacked us on 9/11) marching in to New York and planting victory flags