Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reliving the good years

Last night on Twitter one of my followers asked me a pretty good question. He asked me if there were a website with a list of blunders,missteps and mistakes from the last presidential administration. To be completely honest I knew a ton of the blunders and missteps(kinda hard not to notice them)but I never thought of looking for a site with a list of them. So I tried my hardest to search for one site with all of them in a list and couldnt find it. So with that said I'm just gonna list and post links to every single fact and figure listed in this blog.Before that though here's a video from "the daily show" that just feels appropriate for this blog.

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Now that you've seen that and saw Jon Stewart talk about people calling the oil spill "Obama's Katrina" lets talk about hurricane Katrina and how the relief funds were squandered

Of course some of that could have been prevented had he included the city of New Orleans in the state of emergency that was declared before the hurricane made landfall. Oops

Remember how right after the hurricane hit the government paid for a ton of trailers for hurricane victims but found out that they had put a lot of them in flood zones? Oh and if you're wondering it's illegal and costly to put a mobile home in a flood zone

I don't even have to mention the slow response to the hurricane

Or the poorly planned wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that we're still involved in

I almost forgot to mention the whole thing about Alberto Gonzales firing any US attorney that didnt agree with the White House on its policies at the time.

Trickle down economics was a colossal failure as seen by the recession that it led to. A recession that the current president is struggling to get us out of.

Remember when gas was over $4 a gallon? I do and it sucked

We kinda went into Iraq with slightly terrible body armor and the troops were not happy about it at all to say the least.

Weren't we going into Iraq because Saddam Hussein was working with Bin Laden to attack us on 9/11

What happened to those WMD's?

Oh and lets not forget the former vice president was with the oil industry

Currently the company that the former vice president used to work for is hugely involved with the mess in the gulf

That same company also made a pretty decent amount of money overseas thanks to the Iraq war

Lets not forget the biggest mistake of all though.....ignoring the memo that basically told them that 9/11 was about to happen

I could do this all day but I need to go outside or something but enjoy those links and remember that even though the current president isn't anywhere near perfect he really isn't that bad.