Friday, June 11, 2010

While I was gone

While I was gone tons of things happened. One of those things that happened that I happened to miss was the fact that I was mentioned in another blog on another site.Usually when I get mentioned on another site its some guy pointing out that I was a douchebag for making fun of Glenn Beck or whatever politician thats annoying me on a given day. This time was different though. This time I was mentioned in a list of blogs that a blogger that I truly enjoy,enjoys. It made me feel good and in keeping with what she said on her blog I'm gonna share a few random factoids about myself. Oh and if your blog has been mentioned in this post or is on my blogroll you clearly deserve an award for keeping me entertained or informed.

And with that said here's a few facts about me.

1. I have never eaten an eggplant but for some reason there's an eggplant in the refrigerator and I need to learn how to cook it.

2. If I had to choose a favorite accent it would have to be a British accent. Something about it just screams classy and sexy at the same time.

3. Despite the fact that I think she's very attractive I find Sarah Palin to be somewhere between annoying and borderline retarded.

4. I'm very sarcastic 80% of the time and during the other 20% I'm deadly serious. That sometimes confuses people

5. Unlike a lot of people in my age range in this city I don't really have that bad of a view of the police department.

6. My height to shoe size ratio really doesn't match at all. I'm almost 6 feet tall but I wear a size 15 shoe. This weird fact of life makes shopping for shoes difficult and expensive. According to this I should be about 6'5''

7. I look more like my dad's twin brother than my dad. This wouldn't be a big deal if it wasnt for the fact that my dad and his twin brother don't really look that much alike.

8. In the last 6 months I've lost 20 pounds and I still feel really fat. I'm trying to lose another 30 or so before 2010 is over.

9. January 3rd,2008 is officially the worst day of my life. Only about 12 people know why thats the worst day of my life.

10. The sloppy play of my favorite football team once cost me a job that paid pretty good.

11. I'm a huge fan of women's beach volleyball and in particular I'm a huge fan of Misty May-Treanor. What self respecting volleyball fan wouldn't be a fan of hers?

12. My favorite rappers of all time in order are 2pac,Big L,The Notorious B.I.G.,Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

13. I have yet to figure out how the idea of trickle down economics works.

14. about 5% of the total hits this blog has had is due to one tweet by Slim Thug.Oh and you can download his latest single by clicking here.

15. I'm a fan of professional wrestling. This is part of why I'm a fan. That and the fact that I find it hilarious and it totally distracts me from the daily BS that is my life

16. My first celebrity crush ever was Holly Robinson-Peete. Looking back at it I have to say that I still kinda have a crush on her.

17. My favorite number is 17. If I can find someway to incorporate it in to something I will. Usually the way I incorporate that number is through video games.

18. you just got 17 facts about me.


I love this post. So straight, matter-of-fact, dead-pan - and funny! It made me smile and reminded me why I enjoy you and your perspectives as well as how you present them! ...and congrats on losing 20 lbs! Bravo, T1. xoxo Gina

thanks and I enjoy the fact that you enjoy me