Wednesday, November 4, 2009

another music list

as you may or may not know i've been a huge fan of dr dre forever and i'm a huge fan of his beats and thats what this list is about. this list is a list of my 10 favorite dr dre beats. agree or disagree let me know with a comment and tell me your favorite dr dre beats

list is in no particular order

the next episode - just all around good

NWA - hello the beat just goes hard as hell and i love the piano in the background

dr dre and snoop dogg - deep cover

dr dre - let me ride

dr dre - lightspeed

dr dre - big egos

Eminem - role model my absolute favorite off of the slim shady lp

JJ Fad - supersonic. you cant tell me this beat isnt amazing. it still sounds good 21 years later

The DOC - the formula. in my opinion one of the best songs ever but thats just my opinion

Dr Dre - Xplosive. seriously this is my favorite beat from dr dre. I can seriously listen to this song back to back for days at a time and not get tired of it