Sunday, November 15, 2009

Song of the day

the last day of Atlanta hip hop week here at the blog(check the other song of the day blogs) and we've come down to this a triple shot of songs played at every single NFL game. first up a song that was only a minor hit but became the essential song for kicking off high school,college and pro football games. here's archie eversole with "we ready"

next up is a song that was a huge hit back when it came out and just kinda stuck around. here's Bonecrusher featuring Killer Mike and the king of the south T.I. with "Never scared" off of his(Bonecrusher) debut album "Attenchunn!!"

the last video is a song thats played everytime an opposing team catches a penalty at a Detroit Lions game but unfortunately not played enough for the lions to have a shot at winning. here are lil jon and the eastside boyx featuring the ying yang twins with "get low"