Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More info

Yesterday I posted about the Westboro Baptist Church and the complete foolishness that they've been doing as of late. Well here is a post to let you know more about these people. first here are a few things taken from their website........

1. they hate gays way more than you think someone could hate anything
2. they dont like jews or israel
3. theyre known for holding outrageous signs
4. they truly believe America is doomed
5. they publicly say thank god for 9/11,IED's(improvised explosive devices) and dead soldiers
6. theyre known for protesting at the funerals of dead American Soldiers
7. they'll be in washington dc on tuesday november 10th to protest outside of an elementary school attended by one of the presidents daughters
8 the rest of them will be in Killeen,Texas to try to interrupt the memorial service being held at Fort Hood
10. they have a network of internet hatred which can be found on their main site
11. they teach this to children
12. theyre not technically a church and close to 80% of the members are Phelps family members

now for some signs from them

and now a video of shirley phelps-roper the crazy woman in charge of the whole thing


wow. How can there be such ignorance and hatred in this time when theres so much other stuff taking us down. They need to finish going to school instead of spending time making stupid signs and kickin rocks...

my thoughts exactly. these people seriously need to be locked up if not for the protesting the funerals they should be thrown in jail for teaching that sort of evil to children