Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Global laming

Something I will never ever understand is why people continually deny global warming. They take things such as one random cold day in Texas in December(when its supposed to be kinda cold anyway) as the exact reason why there isnt global warming. Now the key word there is global and if you think that its not getting warmer just realize that glaciers in Sarah Palin's home state of Alaska and worldwide have been melting at alarmingly fast rates and people have been warning about that for years and during the years 2000-2009 it was basically the warmest span of time ever recorded according to NASA. In the face of such evidence countries around the world have been taking measures to slow down the rate of warming and hopefully stop it in its track and as recently as a couple of months ago the leaders of dozens of countries met in Copenhagen to discuss what they can do to stop it. With such overwhelming scientific evidence and horrific predictions of what global warming can do to us we still have people who deny it for one reason or another without citing sources for their claims other than random ramblings and not wanting cap and trade. We even have people in power in this country that deny it while being in charge of environmental affairs is ridiculous to me and it brings me to this video below. this chick is borderline retarded,cant make cookies and shows no sources to back up her claims. what a dumbass. if you want to see some lameness on a grand scale enjoy the video below

one sweet side effect to global warming is that you'll be able to see this in Alaska in late November in a few years