Friday, February 12, 2010

Welcome 2 Texas

Its the name of the new mixtape from Houston Texas rapper extraordinaire Slim Thug. he released it through his twitter page just a few minutes ago and if you want to get it you can click on the picture of the cover of the mixtape below. enjoy the music and you be sure to say thanks because this tape is so new that as of me writing this sentence it has only been available for 11 minutes.

UPDATE: If you have a media pro account on mediafire you should be able to download it with ease and if not you might have to wait a few hours until the servers and everything stop acting weird.Secondly but most importantly I want to thank Slim Thug for retweeting the link to this blog earlier. that was nice of him and it helped me out


fuck that yall download Lil Flip's All star mixtape, Thugga fell off with his nappy braids

it's enough money to be made n!Gga, you hating azz beeech! so shut tha fukk up! holla.

UMMMM, he don't even have BRAIDS NO MO SUCKA!!!