Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Observations

I'm still watching the healthcare summit and just like the last post i'm going to point out some things I've been noticing

1. The lunch break was 20 minutes longer than what they said it was going to be

2. Obama is still making a ton of sense

3. Mike Enzi somehow sees a 500 billion dollar cut in medicare thats nowhere in the bill

4. Dave Camp reminds me of Dick DeVos. see the comparisons below


Dave Camp

5. I am thoroughly annoyed with Ben Stein and I hate those damn Comcast commercials starring him and Shaq

6. I would much rather listen to soulja boy attempt to rap instead of a lot of the BS going on during the healthcare summit

7. I wish Wolf Blitzer would shut up

8. Tom Harkin had some pretty good quotes and made a ton of sense when he spoke

9. When will they stop talking about how big the bill is? its not hard to read 2000 pages in almost a year

10. I dont have C-Span 3(I didnt even know there was a C-Span 3),MSNBC has switched to Olympic coverage which means I either have to watch fox halfway show the summit while spitting out talking points or watch CNN and be annoyed.

11. number 10 is truly frustrating to me

12. The president is still talking and yet the news outlets decide to cut away to their randomly picked talking heads talking about nothing

13. Finding the live stream of the healthcare summit has helped me feel better

14. Marsha Blackburn is an idiot and the president put her back in her place

15. Joe Biden sensibly just explained why a mandate would be helpful in the bill

16. Steve Urkel tweets a lot about random things

17. Whenever Joe Biden speaks everyone in the room gets a scared look on their faces.

18. Why is John Boehner so damn orange and tan? its February and he's from Ohio he should be super white right now.

19. John Boehner is darker than Barack Obama and only a little bit lighter than James Clyburn.

20. Where the hell is that music coming from?

21. Why are the republicans steadily saying that the bill will raise the deficit when the CBO says that it will actually save us money?

22. Paul Ryan looks a little bit like an older version of wrestler Cody Rhodes

23. Paul Ryan has simultaneously pissed off Obama and Biden

24. Paul Ryan had a tongue slip and said "lets work on a clean shit of paper"

25. I'm glad that the president mentioned the donut hole in Medicare

26. How did the republicans go from saying it would be 400biilion in the hole with the bill to saying its 11 trillion worth of deficit? the math isnt making sense to me

27. the president agreed with John McCain on a point and even that angered McCain

28. I'm glad the president mentioned how that prescription drug plan that W pushed through still needs to be paid for

29. All of the minorities in the room are democrats and 4/5 of the women in there are democrats

30. Chuck Grassley stopped making sense 10 years ago

31. Shut the fuck up about taxes. I'm sick of it

32. While watching this I got an email that said that an arrest warrant was just issued for former mayor Kwame M Kilpatrick

33. Did Chuck Grassley just say that hospitals dont take medicaid?

34. When did hospitals stop taking medicaid? The last time I was in the hospital they told me that it would've been much cheaper and easier for me if I were eligible for medicaid

35. Kent Conrad was on point when he said that the healthcare system is the 800 pound gorilla thats ruining the budget right now

36. Grassley is a flip flopper

37. this song has been on my mind all day

38. John Boehner still annoys the hell out of me

39. here comes the abortion bullshit again. shut the hell up you syracuse orange mascot looking idiot

40. Obama like myself is clearly getting frustrated with people reverting back to talking points

41. I am done for the next few minutes with blogging


I love your commentary! Funny very funny and thoughtful very thoughtful and thorough.